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Hi, Todd Richard here, a little about me that most don’t know, I was born to an Air Force couple, one being a Chaplin, and the other a desk worker, and I got my first computer when I was just eight years old as a gift. My mother was able to get an Epson PC with and Intel 386 processor, along with a dot matrix printer, from the neighbor for about $200. Ever since then I have submerged myself in the world of tech. I am also convinced that Nintendo had something to do with it. Eventually, I attended South Burlington High School in Vermont and became well known by the faculty for my accomplishments.

My freshman year I found what was dubbed the “Imaging Lab”, a high tech, one of a kind, computer lab for all forms of graphic design and animation. In fact, the lab at the time was the only one of its kind in a high school. Backed by the vast intelligence of Mr. Tim Comolli the lab was able to maintain funding far beyond the reaches provided by the school, they were far more concerned with sports programs and the like.

By my junior year I had acheived recognition for my work from local colleges and businesses. That summer I worked on some of my biggest projects, hardly ever leaving the lab, and I was asked to work on the Playstation 2 game “Giants: Citizen Kabuto”, a PC game re-made for the famous console. Additionally I was chosen to represent the school at the Secretary of Education’s Conference on Education, where myself and three others where recognized for their hardwork and dedication to the field. Lastly, before I graduated, I was asked to represent the school again, as the keynote speaker at VermontFest, Vermont’s largest conference on Technology.

Since then I have dabbled with post-secondary education and entrepreneurship. I have had numerous assignments from IT, to Sales, to Management, to Service, and not in that order. I am positive that if you need IT solutions, Myself and my team at Rich|Finn, are there to deliver. I have created this "web" version of my resume and/or business card. It is my way of meeting the demanding and competitive professional world of today head-on.

If you have any questions about my work or would like to contact me please do so via one of the below methods:

Phone - 1-860-318-6184
Email -

My skills

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

Former jobs

Position Company Hired
Owner Rich|Finn 2012 - Present
Freelance Designer & Techy Myself 2008 - 2012
Field Engineer/Queue Manager Pfizer R&D 2007 - 2008
Field Engineer VNA of Chittenden County 2004 - 2007

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